At The Inkle Loom



Late last fall I started warping up this Inkle Floor Loom to make an earthy colored guitar strap for a friend.


 I hate to admit, it is still very much in the beginning stages of weaving.


Last fall I made about 10 table runners in an overshot pattern for Christmas gifts and pretty much “forgot” about this guitar strap.  Hopefully I will get a chance to get back to this project and finish up.  Especially when you see from the pictures below the results of my last two guitar straps I did get finished for gifting…..





……hope this inspires you to make something beautiful today!

Until next time…..


                                          ……I wish you Peace

8 thoughts on “At The Inkle Loom

    • This is a very inspiring page. I am just getting into inkle loom weaving and was wondering where I could buy the inkle loom like you have showing here? Thanks for you time, Keith


      • Hi keith,
        Thanks for stopping by artpodstudios blog! I purchased this floor inkle loom from the Yarn-Barn in Lawrence Kansas. It looks like these are still for sale on their website. It is a Leclerc inkle loom. is the web address. They really are quite fun to weave on. I recently sold this loom and purchased the glamakra inkle floor loom that has 2 treadles on it. Love it too. Hope this helps. Good luck in your weaving adventures!


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